In a world full of superficiality, in which appearance seems to be the most important thing, Seola is born, a brand with soul, which seeks to create a young, elegant and contemporary universe for women who value the essentials in life.

  • We believe that happiness is in seeing the essentials of each one of them, in taking care of ourselves and others. Each of our products is thought from balance, looking for you to enjoy life and feel comfortable doing so.

  • Our purpose is to accompany you on the path of self-love, finding pleasure in being and being present. Seola is a way of living inspired by the freedom we feel when we realize that the only thing we have is this moment.

  • Each piece of beachwear and jewelry is characterized by its versatility and comfort, ensuring that whoever wears it can feel comfortable in their own skin.

Behind the creators

Tatiana and Wendy Romero, are two sisters born in Barranquilla, Colombia, a Caribbean city that in the 1920s opened the door to art, culture, and fashion to the country.

From a very young age, they became fascinated by the textiles and designs that their mother made at home and that is why, in 2018, they decided to express their creativity and passion for fashion through their brands Azucena Joyería and Seola Swimwear.

Each of their designs seek to enhance the beauty and femininity of women, betting on versatile, comfortable and elegant pieces that help those who wear them feel so comfortable that they can enjoy every moment without worrying about how they look.